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Information regarding air in stomach surgery

Stomach surgery is very common in our days and the most common procedure is the gastric bypass. This procedure is performed on those patients that think this is the only way to lose weight. It is true that in case after the surgery you have a healthy diet and do exercises, the procedure might make wonders for you, but you should know that this can’t be considered an easy way out.

There are also some risks that you must take into consideration. In this article I am going to tell you about air in stomach surgery and the ways you could take care of the problem.

There are some people that have surgeries performed with the help of laparoscopy and after the surgery they experience some uncomfortable feelings, like they are bloated or like they are full with something, and it seems like they have air trapped in their stomach. This feeling can be really upsetting because besides being uncomfortable it also is painful, but there are some methods that you could try to feel better.

During the surgery they put air into the patient’s abdomen as part of the procedure. They have to inject a lot of air when they make those small incisions into the skin so that they will be able to see the internal organs on a monitor. Once the doctor is done with the laparoscopy he or she pulls out the instruments and after that in order to get all the excess air out they press down the abdomen of the patient. The easiest way to imagine this is to imagine a balloon and someone who is letting the air out of the balloon.

It might be a good idea to walk a lot because this way it will be easier for the trapped air to get out. Another thing you might try is when you are lying down you should lie on your right side because this way it is easier for the air to get out. You should also keep in mind to avoid carbonated drinks, like coke or anything else of the sort.

In case you feel some pain in the middle of the shoulder blades in your back you should not be alarmed, because it is natural. Still in case the pain does not go away you should notify your doctor. You should drink a lot of plain water and prune juice to make things better. The last thing that comes into my mind is to massage the upper abdomen from the right to the left. If you do so you will help the air bubbles to move along and the pain and the uncomfortable feeling should go away.

I really hope that I managed to help, but still if you feel like you need more help regarding air in stomach surgery you should ask your doctor and tell him or her about the things that you experience and ask about what you should do to feel better and to be better.

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