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Things to know about stomach banding surgery

You might know that in our days there is a solution for everything you can think of. Nowadays obesity is a great problem that society has to face and so it is just natural that doctors have found some ways to help those people that have this problem.

You might think that surgery is the easy way out but you should know that those people that get surgery have had also programs of exercise and diet, but they didn’t manage to lose weight. In this article I am going to offer you some information regarding stomach banding surgery that you might need.

The procedure called stomach banding surgery is also known as laparoscopic gastric banding surgery usually is performed through small incisions in the stomach with the help of a camera. This is a minimally invasive procedure that most of the time results in less discomfort.

The procedures usually lasts about 60-90 minutes and during this time the surgeon fastens a band, just like a wristwatch, around the upper part of the stomach, this way creating a small pouch that will restrict the amount of food that can be consumed. Besides the band an access port is also placed into the wall of the abdomen.

The two parts are connected by tubing. This port is used to increase or decrease the size of the band by adding or removing saline. Since the procedure doesn’t involve cutting or stapling of the stomach or the intestines, it is reversible.

This type of surgery was introduced for the first time in Australia in 1994 and since then it is the most widely used weight control surgery in the country. I think it is interesting to know that in 2008 there were over 12,000 procedures performed of this kind only in this country.

There are some other ways as well to fight obesity including non-surgical treatments. Most of them include the traditional ones and even though you might think that diet and exercise doesn’t really help, believe they do because even though you get a surgery there will be still some things that you will have to follow to keep the results of surgery.

Another surgical option is the gastric bypass surgery. This type of procedure is the widest spread I the United States. The procedure involves a long incision in the abdomen but in our days it is also possible to perform it laparoscopically. The procedure itself means that the lower part of the stomach is removed and a small pouch is made that will be connected to the small intestine. The main difference between this type of procedure and stomach banding surgery is that this one is irreversible.

I think that now you know a lot more about stomach banding surgery and in case you have been thinking about getting a surgery you might think again knowing that you have several options to choose from and you don’t necessarily have to get a surgery to achieve good results, because there are some other ways as well.

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